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Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Yoga Mat Carry Strap

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All yoga mats come with a free black fabric or hemp carry strap. These cannot currently be purchased separately. However, when you purchase any mat - it will come pre-packaged in the box - irrespective of whether you add it to your basket or not. 

We're transitioning all mats to Hemp as it is the most sustainable option.

Hemp is a strong, lightweight fibre that uses 1/20th the amount of water as cotton and has three times the tensile strength. It is 100% bio-degradable after a lifetime of carrying your yoga mat.  

The mat strap can be used as a stretching strap, but we also have a longer hemp stretching strap right here with stainless steel ends.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Maria Koehn
Wrong Item Shipped

I ordered the Pro Yoga Mat Teacher bundle with 6 of Everything. I received ONE mat. It took 14 days to receive and didn’t get my order in time for an event. No number to call for help and the customer email support is taking a long time. With the experience was better. Order early in case mistakes happen.

Hayley Mey
Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Works well, looks good, soft on the skin when carrying. All good.

S Riches
Very comfortable

Such a comfortable and beautiful mat. Heavy to transport, but worth it for the comfort.

Kas K.

Could be longer!!! Realise it’s eco friendly hemp material but it will take a little getting use to - gosh us humans have been spoilt in turn spoiling the planet. No pain no gain until it becomes extremely acceptable to our bodies - bring it on!

C S.

Great Mat , thank you

Duncan W.

I wasn’t sure about how effective this mat would be but I can safely say that I no longer slide at all in poses. Many of my fellow Yogis have also been admiring it 😊

Anne R.

Beautiful chakra mat, so subtle in design. Excellent surface to work on . Feels like the perfect temperature all the time and definitely non slip. Wonderful length of mat. Highly recommended.

Sara P.

It’s a great mat. It’s made me enjoy yoga even more

Elaine G.

I cannot review this item as they could not supply it. I was not told straight away that it wasn’t in stock & they wanted to send me a substitute, but thanks to Aliah I am awaiting my refund. In my opinion if something is not available they should not accept the order or tell you immediately.

Nick H.

The carry strap does exactly what it is supposed to do, it is practical but also looks really good.