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REAL reviews by yoga teachers, yogis and students of all levels, ages and styles from across the world. Check out the raves and reactions of all our adoring fans who are enjoying beautiful cork to support them on their journey. From mellow Yin to sweaty Vinayasa – we’ve got a mat to suit your style, budget and need.

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Great yoga block. And won’t trash the planet at the end of its useful life.

1st yoga cork mat purchased

I am very pleased with this mat. Looks thin but actually feels very good on the floor with the natural rubber backing.
Rolls up and out nicely. Would consider purchasing a thicker mat (or adding padding beneath if you suffer or have difficulty with painful areas when on a hard surface (as with any mat)) but for myself, practicing is perfect on it!
Would gladly order from them again and have told others of its top quality product and customer service.
Vee 🙏🤎✌️

Cork Yoga Block
Fran Watkins
Confidence altering!

Very much enjoying using the cork blocks for yoga practice. Their solidness but suede like feel make them very comfortable. the non slip surface gives confidence when moving through yoga moves. Thank you so much.

Even better than expected!!

So beautiful, light, easy to carry and amazing quality! 😍

Great mat. Replaced a traditional plastic one as the grip was going.

It's later on in a session when you've warmed up that this mat comes into it's own, the grip level increases with moisture so you don't end up distracted because your hands are slipping. There's a little less grip at the start of the session, but not to a noticeable extent.

The only thing I did think about after purchasing was that I can't see an FSC or PEFC license on the companies website, so while I'm sure the product is likely to be sustainable the natural rubber and cork don't have the paperwork to back it up.

I ordered the teacher bundle with 6 of everything. I was only shipped one single mat. I was charged for the $520 kit and no one from the company will email to help with the return. I’ve had to file a complaint with my credit card company. It’s too bad this seemed like a great bundle. Don’t recommend or trust this company.

Beautiful, comfortable mat

Lovely mat!

Functional and beautiful, really pleased with purchase

hasn't arrived for a month, no response from customer support

I'm terribly disppointed with this purchase, I would never buy from them again.

Birthday surprise

I bought for my wife. She needed a new one and looking around this one was a little dearer than some, but she loves it. It’s comfortable, grips well, it’s environmentally friendly and it looks classier than most. Thank you.

My beautiful golden mat

This is my second cork mat from Cork Space. Despite being used every day, my first mat is still in great condition but I wanted a mat that was a bit wider, with something to help me align. The gold chakra symbols help to keep me on track, both physically and mentally, giving me a focal point and alignment. I love this mat because it helps me do the thing I love :-)

Wrong Item Shipped

I ordered the Pro Yoga Mat Teacher bundle with 6 of Everything. I received ONE mat. It took 14 days to receive and didn’t get my order in time for an event. No number to call for help and the customer email support is taking a long time. With the experience was better. Order early in case mistakes happen.

Super pretty bit also very thin. Will need to buy another mat for some padding

Beautiful and practical!

I love my new mat. It looks beautiful, and the cork material feels fantastic. Simply a great mat! Thank you!

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Great mat appalling service

Mat is very good. 10 days to process order.

Cork Yoga Blocks

I am really enjoying using my cork yoga blocks! They are very different to what I am used to, I used to have the soft foamy type. The cork ones are much harder than the foam style yoga blocks and because of this I find that they don’t feel like they will roll over or squish down with my weight, and they feel much more stable in poses like Triangle. It feels much more like you have brought the floor up, rather than adding in a foamy, wobbly block. I noticed the hardness of the cork block when I rested my forehead down in Child’s pose and Pigeon pose, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, my head just didn’t sink down as it did before with foam blocks. The cork blocks are much heavier than the foam style blocks, which is not a problem for me, but they will make your bag a lot heavier for going back and fore to class. They are a little bit smaller than the foam blocks, but I prefer this and I think the smaller size is much neater and actually works better. They are less of a handful than the foam ones and I actually use them much more in class now, I can easily grab them, where the foam ones felt a bit big and clumsy for me as I have quite small hands. I really love these blocks and I definitely prefer cork to foam, and I wouldn’t go back to foam now. I keep my old foam ones in my car as spares, just incase anyone forgets theirs and wants to borrow them in class!

Cork Yoga Block
Kathy Beirne
Didn't receive order

The blocks never delivered :(

Beautiful but….

It took a long time to get and when I inquired about my item I didn’t receive a response so had to inquire a second time asking for a refund before the item was sent and a tracking number provided.
It’s too bad because if the experience had been better id buy several more.


Great - but be careful with body oils and using after moisturising as the material will absorb and get a little stained

Nomad Golden Align Cork Yoga Mat
Karen Alexandra Beauty and Well-Being
Beautiful in design functional and good for the planet

This mat was given to me as a birthday present. It replaces an older, slightly more tatty, rubber, yoga mat that I’ve used for many years. Instead of replacing my old mat with a similar, I opted to get a more environmentally friendly and sustainable one. The mat is compact, lightweight, and a pleasure to do my yoga sessions on.

Beautiful Mat!

I’m a big kid yoga teacher and bought for my 50 year old self! Luckily I’m on the petite side and this is the perfect mat!
I like that the pictures are muted, the surface is warm and soft yet supportive for standing poses and the backing is non-slip. I like knowing it’s a sustainable product and the service and delivery was prompt and efficient.

Takes yoga to another level..!

I treated myself to the pro yoga mat for Christmas and have been using it for my home practice. It really takes the session to another level, It is so comfortable and smooth and I’m much more balanced, the gold alignment lines not only look good they really help to correct my poses. So impressed, I had to return to leave a review.

Nomad Golden Moon Cork Yoga Mat

The best mats I've used

Love these - great level of cushioning, and they're the best mats I've found to prevent slipping when sweaty (which is a real issue for me normally). Also, they're very resilient, despite being abused/roughly handled by my child, husband, and cat! Worth the extra money for sure.

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