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Yoga Reimagined With Cork

Sustainable Cork Yoga Mats made from breathtakingly soft Portuguese cork & grounding natural tree rubber for an other-worldly experience.

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  • Eco-Conscious

    Sustainable Cork & Natural Rubber

  • Sustainable

    Over 50,000 Trees Planted

  • Earth Friendly

    Biodegradable Packaging & Materials

“Everything you’ve ever wanted from a yoga mat”

Made from Sustainable Cork

Cork is a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Our cork bark is sustainably harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree without harming or cutting down any trees – that regularly grow to the wise old age of 300 years.

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“strong construction means it lays out completely flat. It’s non-slip, 100% sweatproof and, wait for it, since cork is naturally antimicrobial, it eliminates bacteria and odours a treat.”

London Evening Standard

We Plant 10 New Trees For Every Mat We Make.

In partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.

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“This is my dream yoga mat”

Steph @ Hush, Sustainability Consultant

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Cork is a hard-wearing & non-sticky surface that becomes grippier the wetter it gets. Try cork and your practice will never be the same again.

  • Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

    Lightweight, active and direct feedback (2mm)

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  • Balance Cork Yoga Mat

    Perfect balance of thickness and weight designed for everyday comfort (3mm)

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  • Pro Cork Yoga Mat

    Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding to protect joints (4mm)

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  • Cork Massage Ball

    Massage pressure points on your body & melt away knotted fibres.

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  • Cork Yoga Block

    Maintain stability and support your practice through new movements.

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  • Hemp Stretching Strap

    Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding to protect joints (4mm)

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“I founded Cork Space to shake up the yoga industry with sustainable alternatives – that look, feel and perform to a completely new standard.”


Our Story
  • I love this mat! It is so soft and lightweight, with good grip and actually lays flat! This will be a definite favourite for when I'm back in the studios, it is perfect!

    Shalini - Pro Yoga Mat

  • Love love love it! Perfect grip and sustainable. Love the neutral colour it’s as beautiful as it is practical!

    Lauren - Pro Yoga Mat

  • Absolutely love my Cork Space mat. The grip is fantastic & the material is so soft & comfortable on my skin. I love the extra thickness of the mat and it feels really supportive on my knees when I practice. The mat really supports my whole practice and I am using it daily.

    Krista - Pro Yoga Mat

  • I am in LOVE with my Corkspace mat! The grip is perfect and the material is yet soft! Perfect padding for my knees and light enough to carry everywhere

    Ivane - Pro Yoga Mat

  • Great quality, size & shape. I love the texture & weight to the block, Perfect for all practise needs!

    Shannon - Pro Yoga Mat

  • I decided to get this mat after months and months of searching for the best mat. And it didn’t disappoint - in fact I LOVE IT! I love the colour, the earthiness, the amazing soft feel, the fact that it’s fully natural and biodegradable - it’s beautiful and simple. Thank you Corkspace

    Flora - Pro Yoga Mat

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