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Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

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A beautifully minimalist, lightweight and grounding natural cork yoga mat. Sling it on your back and ride to the park, or take it on your travels. 

The same surface area as Pro & Balance - on a thinner rubber base for lightness and agility. This is for those who like a more direct experience to their Asanas but with all the benefits of a stable cork & rubber mat. 

  • Buttery Soft Sustainable Cork
  • Natural Grounding Rubber 
  • Fast & Free Delivery (1-3 Days)
  • Love it Or Return It – 100 Day Trial
  • Free Carry Strap Included
  • Every Mat Sold Plants 10 Trees
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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Even better than expected!!

So beautiful, light, easy to carry and amazing quality! 😍

GJ White

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat


Good May, high quality, good grip, bought as a gift as I have one already

Eva S.

This mat looks and feels lovely but I found the cork side wasn't grippy enough so I used the rubber side, but after a four day yoga retreat it's already rubbing away in places. So, very reluctantly, I can't recommend it.

Keith P.

Complete luxury after all those rubbish PVC mats that shed tiny bits with embarassing regularity. Go on, treat yourself.

John K.

it never arrived. i've sent 2 emails to [****] about it and heard nothing. please respond

Patricia H.

Lovely feel to cork mat. Great quality. Exceptional price. Cant wait to start using my mat at my regular yoga class.

Sung ho H.

I love it. I love the smell of cork.
Also it feels much better on my sole without irritation. So soft and natural.

The size is also generous since it is slightly longer than what I had before, which provides a really good space to work out as well as I can keep things in the mat.

One thing, only if there is something to improve, might be whether it is possible to make the base layer (other side of cork) a bit thicker so it give a bit more bouncy and cushiony. Maybe next iteration.

Roslyn G.

Ooh love it!

Steven B.

This is my 3rd Cork mat. 1 for me and 2 for presents.
Best yoga mat over the past 3 years.

Introducing Cork Space®

A Beautiful Sustainable Travel Yoga Mat

Cork Space is a revolutionary new type of eco yoga mat made from breathtakingly soft Portuguese cork & grounding natural tree rubber.

Cork is a hard-wearing & non-sticky surface that becomes grippier the wetter it gets. Try cork and your practice will never be the same again.

  • Eco-Conscious

    Sustainable Cork & Natural Tree Rubber

  • Sustainable

    10 Trees Planted For Every Mat Made

  • Earth Friendly

    Biodegradable Packaging & Materials

Fights Odours

Antimicrobial, cork naturally kills bacteria, germs and odours. Which means your mat will stay smelling fresh for years to come. Tried and tested by thousands of yoga teachers & students.

Magical Features







Perfectly Sized

The Nomad is a minimalist hard-wearing cork yoga mat in a much loved classic size. Easily rolls up just like a typical yoga mat.

61cm Width

183cm Length

2mm Rubber

0.5mm Cork

Sustainable Cork

Cork is a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Our cork bark is sustainably harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree without harming or cutting down any trees – that regularly grow to the wise old age of 300 years.

Perfect Grip

Cork contains a magical waxy compound called Suberin - which activates when wet - giving you powerful resistance and grip. The more you sweat - the more you grip. Cork offers a beautiful soft-touch, non-sticky grip.

Ultimate Travel Mat

We’ve combined the recycled tree bark of Portuguese cork trees with the natural sap of the rubber tree to create the perfect travel yoga mat. Cork is filled with millions of pockets of air, which bounce right back when compressed.

Natural Tree Rubber

The base of our mats is made from natural rubber – Sourced in Vietnam from the tree sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree a 100% renewable resource that is hand tapped from living rubber trees.

A weighty rubber layer prevents corner rolling, sliding and offers protective & firm cushioning for your joints, no matter how demanding your yoga practice gets.

100 Day Yogi Trial

We want you to be completely in love with your new cork yoga mat. If you feel good, we feel good.

Here’s the deal – Use your mat for 100 days straight! If it’s not the best yoga mat you’ve ever used (or for any other reason whatsoever) just send it back and we’ll refund you in full the day we receive it. No questions asked. Sounds fair?

Seriously – There’s ZERO risk on your part. If you don’t like it (pretty rare) we take the loss for you.

Buy Pro & Nomad & Save 25%

Add both mats to your cart and automatically save.

Loved By Yoga Teachers

“I got through a full practice on the Cork Space yoga mat with no slips and no slides. I felt rooted in my standing sequence and supported in my seated sequence. It was beautiful, both the practice and the yoga mat.”

Sarah Later, Yoga Teacher, Manchester

Freedom To Move

I adore this mat. The cork top surface is silky soft but not slippy at all. The thickness of the travel mat is perfect for adventuring outside or using indoors. I cannot recommend this mat enough, it's high quality and the fact it is better for the environment than many yoga mats is just the cherry on the top!

Naomi - Yoga Practicioner


How Flexible is Cork

The cork layer is made from tiny bits of compressed cork pieces bonded to a rubber base, this makes the mat super flexible across uneven ground and easy to roll up.

Why Choose Cork Space over Cheaper Alternatives?

Although at first glance they may appear similar, cheaper cork mats that use TPE or PER as they base are not as durable or sustainable. Poorer quality cork can also be more prone to chipping off. Many wonder why they didn’t invest in a better mat (that makes them smile every time) years ago.

Is Cork Sustainable?

Cork is a sustainable material because it can be harvested every 10 to 12 years and replaced with new bark. It also has a low carbon footprint, as the trees are not cut down in order to harvest the cork.

Demand for cork provides much needed investment in the industry, providing jobs and supporting the local economy. The harvesting of cork is a sustainable practice. While cork bark is regrowing, the trees suck up even more CO2 from the surrounding environment which helps combat global warming.

Suitable For Hot Yoga?

Yes – absolutely. It can handle any amount of sweat you can throw at it. Just lay it out flat to dry when you’re home. When wet the cork goes darker.

How Long Is Delivery?

Free tracked courier delivery included with every order (1-3 Working Days). We aim to ship all orders out in one working day. Orders placed before 11am weekdays are typically shipped same day

What Is Your Gurarantee?

Love it or return it within 100 days for a full refund. Free pre-paid returns for UK orders.

What Styles Of Yoga Is Cork Space Suited To?

It can be used with any style of yoga. Practitioners of restorative, meditation or yin yoga styles particularly love its natural feel. While faster Vinyasa styles of yogis love the sweat grip cork provides and the padding of the natural rubber.

Can I Use This For Pilates Or Workouts?

Absolutely, Cork Space is for your daily movement practice. From pilates to home workouts – the mat is there for you.

Which Mat is for Me?

We have a mat for everyone. The Pro is our thickest mat which offers unrivalled padding. Our Balance is our perfect mid-weight mat designed for everyone. The Nomad is thinner and lighter for closer to the ground feel.

We Plant 10 New Trees For Every Mat We Make.

We Plant 10 New Trees For Every Mat We Make.

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