Cork Space is much more than a yoga mat. We’re on a mission to shake up the yoga industry with sustainable & beautiful yoga tools that support you & the planet. 

We’ve created a 100% natural yoga mat that’s made from beautifully soft cork and flexible rubber. It’s your space to relax, recharge and energise.

Cork Space is a yoga mat designed from the ground up to make yoga more enjoyable, more rewarding and more fun.



The Founder

The origin for Cork Space grew from a personal quest of mine and a trip to South East Asia.

One day on my search for an alternative to leather – I discovered cork. The more I read, the more I was impressed. Here is a material that is light-weight, durable and completely natural – its both tough & beautiful and can be re-purposed into almost anything that leather could be and more – from belts to phone cases. 

The more I studied the material the more I fell in love. It not only outperformed its cruel alternative but choosing cork actually protected the environment rather than directly destroy it.

In 2016 I lived in Bali for 6 months, working remotely from my laptop as a digital designer – it was here that my love for yoga was ignited. The intense humidity of the tropical climate made every session a hot yoga session. A slippery yoga mat was just part and parcel of yoga I thought.

A year later and I’m back in Spain thinking up ways to spread the message about cork and how disruptive this material could be to other industries that relied on petrochemicals or animal skins.

It’s then I discover that cork gets gripper when wet, is naturally anti-bacterial and is a superior alternative to the cheap and toxic plastic mats that litter yoga studios and landfills across the world.

And so Cork Space was born. An alternative for the eco-conscious Yogi. 

We’re a small UK based brand with big ideas, but we need your help to shake up the yoga industry. 

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